Emerging and Immersive

January is one of my favorite times of the year.  After the holidays are over, everyone is rested and looking forward to what’s new for the year ahead.  CES is very smartly and strategically held the first work week of January to announce to the world the fun, new gadgets and toys that technology has in store for us all.  Virtual Reality is one of those new oculus-riftgadgets.  Well, certainly not new, but emerging, and ready to enter the retail marketplace with a storm in the coming weeks.  There is no stopping the craze and  this immersive technology will absolutely change the landscape of entertainment, from out-of-home to in-home entertainment. Theme park designers are looking for ways to introduce safe and reusable headgear for use in immersive ride technology.  Imagine 4D motion seats with alternate reality headsets – the movie-going experience will definitely expand.  With the availability of low cost VR headgear every household in the world will be able to interact in augmented reality.  Content providers have an open road to showcase their creativity.  This is very exciting!

As the media begins to report on the new VR products introduced at CES this year and launching retail this Spring, you’ll begin to hear the chatter.  From the more expensive Sony Playstation VR (Oculus Rift)
to the inexpensive and foldable Google Cardboard (for your phone), there will be many options. For those of you in Los Angeles, you may want to try out the VR options for yourself at VRLA Expo, January 23, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  I will most definitely be there.

That’s Entertainment!