Reality TV

Reality TV content producer

Have a great idea for reality TV?  IndieMarketing recently traveled to Realscreen Summit, where content producers pitch their reality tv show concepts to the networks.  IndieMarketing has partnered with YASNY Entertainment (You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!) in which we are now shopping reality and non-fiction television series concepts.  The reality business is a bit different from independent film but there is cross-over.  In fact, the doors are opening for limited series, docu-series, and one-off documentaries on the networks now.  Good news for doc filmmakers.  The best news I heard at the show is the formation of a network dedicated do documentaries.  The official announcement will be out soon — Sundance Channel (recently purchased by AMC Networks) will be switching format to docu-series and documentaries.

Here’s what you need to pitch your show concept:  1) a paper pitch (1-2 pages) describing the “world” and the format of the show, plus a description of the star or “talent”, and an Episode Guide; 2) a sizzle reel that provides a visual demonstration of the “world” and the “talent.”

Every network has their checklist of the types of shows, formats, and demographics.  As told by several industry execs, there is hardly an original idea that hasn’t passed by their desk, it is just the spin on the concept and the talent that you offer, that will gain their interest.  The more you bring to the table, meaning talent signed on, financing in place, and an online following or targetable audience will help sell the show.  Many of the networks do acquire already produced series, and others will develop or assign you to a preferred production company to partner with.

IndieMarketing can help build out the brand and the audience for your show.  YASNY Entertainment can shape the show (format, pitch, sizzle) and then shop the show to the networks/production companies.

Happy to provide a free consult if you think you have that great idea or concept.