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IndieMarketing provides strategic business-to-business marketing and business development, connecting all facets of Entertainment – Themed Entertainment, Film/TV, Entertainment Technology.  With over two decades of experience, Tracy Balsz has the connections, know-how, and skills to open up new business verticals, establish relationships, and brand businesses with success.  Hands-on strategy, planning, and implementation, IndieMarketing does it all. 


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Strategic planning is the key to any successful marketing implementation. Understanding your short and long term goals, your budget, your resources, and your timeline, all work in tandem to create the strategy.  Implementation is streamlined once there is a roadmap.


Brand consistency and targeted messaging is important for brand recognition across multiple platforms. Branding needs to be integrated into the website, social media, advertising, and promotional materials before the awareness campaign or outreach begins.


Identifying and building your audience should be strategic and targeted. Positioning your brand, product, or service online effectively will help others find you. Social media and publicity is key. Traditional methods of awareness are also to be considered.


Your outreach planning will be based on defining your audience and identifying the best way to reach them – via online, email marketing, or good old-fashioned cold calling. Together we will form a plan of attack, tracking leads and analytics, then converting leads to sales.



Planning | Budgeting/Projections | Timeline | Research/Analytics 

Business Plans | Investor Relations | Project Management

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Graphics | Website Design | CMS | Advertising | Messaging | Copywriting

Collateral | Videos | Art Direction |

Creative Management



Publicity | Social Media | SEO/SEM | Tradeshows | Event Production  

Email Marketing | Media Relations




Business Development | Sales | Database/CRM | Presentation Decks | Pitching

Proposals | Contract Negotiation | Distribution | Strategic Partnerships

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