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Tracy Balsz is a strategic marketing and business development leader with accomplishments in providing comprehensive marketing solutions and services for entertainment products, services and content into the entertainment sector. Experience includes 10 years as a studio marketing executive (Warner Bros. Studio Facilities, Warner Hollywood Studios, Paramount Pictures) providing facility marketing services into the production community, and 10 years as a marketing consultant and founder of IndieMarketing. Business acumen includes strategic planning, 360-degree marketing know-how in both traditional and digital realms, and a proven track record in outreach, engagement, and business development. Prefers a collaborative process for growing ideas and pushing boundaries and working with start-ups. Fulfills a unique niche introducing content and technology into Hollywood, and maneuvering between the world of entertainment and themed entertainment.

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Sandy Karp – Owner/Creative Director at SDK MediaSandy Karp - Graphic Designer

As a creative partner for graphic design services and website design/programming, Sandy has provided creative solutions for IndieMarketing’s clients since launching in 2005.  From entertainment clients Warner Bros. Studios Facilities, Paramount Studios, and dozens of independent films, to themed entertainment clients including MediaMation and Mousetrappe.  More at SDK Media website.